Our machines are in the conformity with the Directive Machine 2006/42/CE type A (ex Directive Machine 89/392 and ex Directive Machine 98/37/CE), Directive Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/CE (ex Directive 8/336) and Directive low tension Directive 2006/95/CE (ex 73/23 CE).As the low in force, in particular DPR 547/55; Law 186/68; Law 791/77 and revision of the same 626/96; DPR 224/88: D.M. 476/92.

Beside there is been applied the following agreement rules : UNI EN 292/1/2, UNI EN 294, UNI EN 349, UNI EN 418, EN 1050, CEI EN 60204/1.