Embossing / cutting GT450

Embossing and cutting machine GT450

The machine is made of strong structure in PF aluminium, supporting the embossing bobbins, the embossing group is the cutter. The full structure can be levelled by suitable feet and anchored to the grounding : is not needed a special base.

The coil material is located on an expansible self-centring shaft easily taken off from the machine. The material is guided through rolls rectified and assembled on ball bearings up to the embossing cylinder and is drag through a rolling press with slow movement and control of electronic drive.
The embossing group is made of two drums (embossing and “counter-pressure” – cartalana), “amalgamated” with special gears with regulation of mechanical clearance .

The pressure of engraving is adjustable. The syncro motion can be regulated while the embossing calender is accounting the variation length of the material due to the embossing machine.

The cut is determined by photoelectric cell that read the centring mark of the bobbin or through the meter-counter (encoder) which could be set to the all measures.

And’ can set a number of sheets, after which the machine stops.

The machine is completed of all those indispensable accessory to make it ergonomic. Many protection prevent the contact with rotating parts and contain the main equipment. The electrical panel is in accordance with standards , an independent cabinet and the control panel can be positioned in order to avoid the operator movements.


- GT450