3 colours 450-600

3 color flexographic printing machine 450-600

The machine has been dimensioned for small printing companies that cannot afford an expensive production in order to obtain a high quality print at a lower price on small formats.

It is equipped with all those accessories necessary or useful in order to have without nothing useless a quality product. It is made by a electric welded strong stainless steel structure which holds coils, print units and drying groups. It can be levelled by suitable feet and anchored to the grounding ( it is not needed a special base ).

The coil with the printing material is located on an expansible self-centring shaft with a pneumatic control that is easily taken off from the machine. The material is guided through aluminium rolls, rectified and assembled on ball bearings, up to the counter- pressure cylinder.

The fine tuning between the three colors, in a longitudinal way, takes place moving axially the helical gear, located on each cliché cylinders, obtaining due to the inclination of the teeth motion along the direction of the printings.

The side regulation of the printings occurs through different devices. First of all, the coil can be centred, even when the machine works compared to the machine’s axe. Furthermore, each cliché-cylinder can be laterally removed when the machine operates, and even the coil with the printed material can be adjusted in a right position.

The substitution of the plate cliché cylinders is easy

Another device allows you to dry the wet ink before the next group of print, trough suitable channel with forced hot air circulation ( intermediate drying ). A thermo regulator is included for the resistance controls so that the printings of various colours, one over each other, is easier.


- 450-600