4 colours 600-1000-1200

4 color flexographic printing machine 600-1000-1200

• Inter-color electronic drying
• Final drying tunnel with air delivery and exhaust fans
• Inter-color drying boxes and final drying tunnel • Loading cell for the winding engine
• Unwinding unit with reel loading and unloading system via two hydraulically controlled arms
• Flange brackets for expandable shafts
• Cutting unit consisting of 3 Helios knives for trimming and central cutting
• Series of aluminum idle rollers, diameter 80/100
• Unmovable winding unit diameter 1000 with material aligner
• 1 incoming web guide and 1 outgoing web guide
• Reel cross registration both while unwinding and winding
• Shape positioning on a single axis: manual control
• Manual micrometric adjustments
• Double pneumatic stops (printing unit)
• Adjustment of the material tension while winding with magnetic particle brake via loading cell • Winding via loading cell-controlled engine.

The machine is equipped of PLC – visualizer and 3 inverter (OMRON) with the following functions:
- PLC for the run of the machine – adjustment of printing speed – dry temperature
- VISUALIZER touch screen 8 inch for insertion devise (heating – fan – printing) layi ng dry temperature and fast printing , quantitative of printing material, visualization of message of alarm and maintenance, the possibility to create possible setting up production (storage of speed and dry temperature recalled of the user)
- Main motor , calender tow motor and winding motor controlled by inverter


- 600-1000